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Time Entry Application



Google Cloud, Angular JS, Node JS, MySQL, TypeScript, Google Apps Script, Google Sheets, Data Studio

Time Entry Application

Time Entry Application is used for project management procedures. It will help you keep the track of your projects, timing, due dates, number of team members working on the project, and completion of tasks per project.

Significant Features of this Application:

  • The very first option in the navigation bar is “Master+” which shows various sub-categories such as Department, Roles, Employee, Hourly, Unpaidleave, Project Type, Task Type, Client.
  • In the Project column, you can examine all your projects done and the important details mentioned in tabular form. Such as Client ID, Client Name, Project Name, Start Date, End Date, Project Type Name, Recurrence, Project Price, SLA Level, SLA Price, Monthly Price.
  • By clicking on the Pocket Expense option, you can view the expenditure of your projects so you can take future decisions accordingly. This section includes Client Name, Project Name, Project Task, Expenses, Expenses Amount.
  • You will be provided with a form-based chart in the “Daily Hours” option to input your data such as starting date of the project, timing, client name, activity, client role, hours invested per client.
  • There are two categories of Sales Report generated by the app, i.e., Sales Report by Client and Sales Report by Project Type. These are directly linked to the Google Sheets data.
  • There are 3 categories of Billable Reports generated by this app.
  1. Billable Report by Department – it shows a bar chart of total hours utilized by each department in their work.
  2. Billable Report by Employee – it shows a bar chart of all the employees contributing to the working hours.
  3. Billable Report by Role – it shows a bar graph as per the role of the employees.
  • Cost of Work Report is established so that you get to stay informed about the budget details of your work and projects. It further has 3 categories.
  1. By Project Type – it depicts a bar graph to represent cost invested in a project according to several characteristics such as growth, SLA, Repo, etc.
  2. By Task Type – it depicts a bar graph to represent cost invested in a task according to several characteristics such as Website, Webpage, Logo, etc.
  3. By Client Type – it depicts a bar graph to represent the cost invested by a client. You can also select a date range.
  • The Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) report is also created to illustrate full-time equivalent employees based on their weekly hours.
  • The last option in the navigation bar is Task Numbers Report which shows the total number of tasks done and their start date, id, task name, project name, record count.