Schedule Mate

Schedule Mate is an Add-on to facilitate and examine project management.

It is designed in such a way that it will develop a bar graph to illustrate tasks and schedules.
It will automatically obtain your data into the form of Gantt Chart.
You can easily acquire time management as this will notify you about when a particular task is to be done by each team member.
Different blocks are utilised for representing different functions of the Add-on.

Guide to use Schedule Mate Add-on

Step 1: Select the range with your table

It selects the used range on the sheet itself when opening the sidebar.
Or you can manually select the range on the sheet and click on the table icon in the sidebar.

Step 2: Select Columns

Select the single column or multiple columns here based on which duplicates need to be removed or highlighted.
All columns are selected by default.

Step 3: Select Options

This is where you can select whether you want to remove duplicate rows from your data or just want to see duplicate entries highlighted.
You can select a color to get your output data highlighted and formatted on the output generated.

Step 4: Sort Data

You can turn on/off the sort data option.
Select a column here on which data requires to be sorted.

Step 5: Place Data In?

Select the option “New Sheet” to save the data in the new sheet or select “Existing Sheet” to save it in the current sheet.


Application Screenshot
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