Our Services

Since every individual and organization is unique, we provide a defined set of customized solutions spelled with uniqueness.

Our services are based on you—and you alone!

Google Sheet Automation & Apps Script

Whether you call it Google Apps or G Suite, we don't care! What we truly care about is utilizing cloud computing, collaboration tools, productivity products, and software to make competent computing. All delivered by — yes, you guessed it! — Google.

Google App Maker & Cloud SQL

App Maker is a new, low-code development environment for G Suite that lets you build a wide range of apps for your business and customize processes to help you be more efficient, we will help develop apps for you using app maker.

MS Office Automation (Word, Ppt, Outlook)

Imagine if you could enhance whatever you do with the Microsoft Office, we will help you automate or enhance your ms office apps like word, Outlook & PowerPoint etc.

Big Query, Data Studio Dashboards

We help you analyzing your big data in less time with Google Big Query and generate meaning full reports and Dashboards in Google Data Studio.

Excel/VBA Development, Reports & Dashboards

Using VBA we can create a macros that makes the generation of reports, charts, and graphs very easy, We develop dashbords in Excel with advance formulas and macros.

MS Access And Database Programming

We helps in the creation of all the access programming that a client requires. This particular function ensures a smooth and faster running of the database.