Valuation Template

Valuation Template is an Add-on to analyze property and plot documentation for estates management.

It is created to easily permute your Google Sheet data into the form of a report/document by providing certain templates.
You just have to select the folder in your Google Drive where you wish to save the generated report.
The chosen template will let you enter the data into Google Sheet and automatically convert it into a document. You can also save it as a PDF file.
This way you can keep the track of all the necessary information about property valuation in a systematic way.

Guide to use Valuation Template Add-on

Step 1: Click On The Google Drive Symbol

You have to click on the Google Drive symbol from the navigation bar to choose the folder in which you want to create the report’s document.

Step 2: Select Template

Select the template of your choice to create the document and Google Sheet of the property valuation.


Step 3: Enter Data

Fill in the data/information in the blocks of the Google Sheet provided by the template.

Step 4: Generate Report

Click on the “Generate Report” button to convert the data entered in the Sheet into the form of the document. Thus, it is easier for you to go through the procedure of valuation.


Step 5: Save Your File

When you save your file, it will be saved in the folder you selected in the first step through Drive. Now, you can further save the document as a pdf or as a doc file which is up to you.


Application Screenshot
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