GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH XCRIPTECH CONTACT NOW We help you automate tedious and repetitive tasks! GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH XCRIPTECH READ MORE we help you save time, effort and increase your efficiency. GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH XCRIPTECH READ MORE We help you visualize your raw data into meaningful info. GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH XCRIPTECH READ MORE We help you create the perfect website/application for your business.

Our Services & Capabilities

Best of Both Worlds: Apps Development and Business Process Automation

Visualize raw data and create reports to get actionable insights from it.

We help you get the most out of your data with custom charts and dashboards. We can create a dashboard in Data Studio or Power BI that will let us see what's really going on, without any pesky numbers getting in our way!
Our team of dedicated professionals is on hand to help you build custom charts from raw data in Google Sheets or Excel!


Don't waste your time in tedious and repetitive tasks, let us automate it!

We help you automate tedious tasks and save hours of work per week. we'll write scripts to automate tedious tasks so you don't need to do them yourself. No more wasting hours on simple operations like sending an email or updating your website with data from Google Sheets--let us take care of it instead so focus can remain where its needed most:


Web development services for businesses of all sizes!

We know that you want your business to grow and never lose sight of the audience. That's why we design websites, applications or anything in between with a user-friendly interface for optimal efficiency! We'll ensure success by delivering modern web development services tailored specifically towards meeting all needs - big or small!










Feedbacks From Our Clients

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Anand provided me with a great service, his response time was fast and got the jobs done well. He worked with me on G Suite, mainly Google Sheets and Google Docs, scripts and programming for my property valuation and appraisal business.
Simon Chen
Anand is a great operator. He and his team are skillful on google scripts, web scraping and automating processes. He communicates well, his task delivery is timely and is reliable. I would highly recommend him.
Joshua Nguyen
I worked with this company for several times, I recommend them 100%, great service, very professional and responsive and most important-reliable. I will definitely use their services again for future projects